HTIP have developed a unique, solid state system that both reduces and stabilises voltage

Our Voltage Optimiser is small but highly advanced

The HTIP VO1 is a domestic product designed to fit quickly and easily into a meter box. The VO1 can be set to different outputs but as standard would be set to deliver the house with a constant 220v.

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For energy suppliers

Allowing the energy firms to offer their customers something truly different

Stand Out from the Competition

Our product the VO1 allows  energy suppliers to offer their customers something truly different which will have an instant impact on their overall bills. With no disruption to the customer our product provides a quick and effective way for customers to reduce their consumption and therefore their costs. It also allows the home owner to benefit from significant energy savings and lower bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

Alongside the key benefit of making a major contribution towards the climate change deal there are a number of other benefits that the Energy Suppler will enjoy. 

  • Meeting government targets at low cost and avoiding fines and bad publicity
  • Capturing new customers at lower cost without discounting tariffs
  • Incentivising ‘sticky ‘customers to switch and stay with you by offering a ‘real’ benefit 
  • Retaining higher margin customers and reducing churn – (and those desirable customers - owner occupiers 35 - 64) 
  • Avoiding antagonising long term customers by offering greater 
  • Converting gas and electric single fuel accounts to higher revenue dual fuel
  • Customer retention 
  • Customer acquisition and competition – currently no supplier has any competitive distinguishing features.  
  • More cost effective for CO2 emission targets, energy efficiency and fuel poverty obligations 
  • Address fuel poverty without discounting tariffs
  • Corporate image improvement based on real green credentials not PR

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Voltage optimisation test